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Nearly 1 In 4 U.S. Households Don’t Know Where Their Next Meal Is Coming From

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About Intellihelp

We match families in crisis with rapid delivery of groceries and hygiene products to help them survive today.

With each donation, you have the power to choose whose prayers to answer and bless their family that night.
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The Guild is a group of monthly donors determined to deliver love in times of crisis.

Over 40 million Americans unexpectedly lost their livelihood in the pandemic and are desperate to get back on their feet.

Spread your mighty wings monthly to help your neighbors feed their families and survive the night so they can live to pave a brighter future.
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With Intellihelp, you’re helping a person 1:1, not giving to a program that will eventually help. I love that you can SEE who you’re helping.
Jennifer J.
I give because there are parents having to tell their kids “there won’t be food today” in America. I try to put myself in their shoes and I can imagine the shame and the feeling of failure those parents must be going through.
Anna C.
I started with Intellihelp because it gave me purpose in an uncertain time. The community and the mission is so close to my heart now that I couldn't even consider not helping.
Heather L.
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